Stainless Steel Cookware or Teflon Cookware?

teflon cookware vs stainless steel
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Teflon or stainless steel cookware? Here are quick 4 reasons why we believe stainless steel cookware is MUCH better than Teflon cookware.

We could add this to our “Cookware Wars” section, but we feel the Stainless Steel vs Teflon Cookware debate needs a bit more visibility.

For many years, cooks have debated whether stainless steel or Teflon products were better to prepare their favorite meals with. Teflon’s popularity sure had grown in back in those days. The no-stick cookware made preparing meals like eggs, pancakes and fish, foods that tend to crumple and stick upon leaving a pan, easier.

But that was then, this is NOW. Today, that’s all changed. Stainless steel wins this battle with Teflon/Non-Stick cookware every single time in our book.

What About My Eggs?!?!

It’s funny to me that people think they still must have a Teflon pan for cooking eggs these days.

You can absolutely cook awesome eggs in stainless steel so that they don’t stick – and just might be healthier for you, too.

Just watch this quick video.

Which is Easier to Clean?

In addition to our little Teflon history lesson, Teflon was once considered easier to clean.

Not true at ALL anymore.

With all these non-stick stainless steel cookware options, cleaning is a BREEZE.

Four More Reasons Stainless Steel Wins

However, after closer examination, stainless steel seems to winning back a following. This is the case for a number of reasons. Some have to do with cooking, while others deal with much more serious health-related issues.

1. Stainless Steel Is Better For Undertaking Common Cooking Methods

Many cooks agree stainless steel is the more appropriate cookware to choose when searing meats, boiling pasta and potatoes and simmering sauces or soups.

Even if you use an induction cook top, stainless steel still wins.

2. Stainless Steel’s Durability Results in Better Prepared Food

teflon cookware vs stainless steelStainless steel products are much heavier and sturdier than are Teflon goods. A number of people who have used both types of cookware believe stainless steel pots and pans brown food better and ensure the food they prepare cooks evenly. Teflon products are said to produce “hot spots” in which some portions of food are warmer than others.

3. Teflon Burns at High Temperatures

When Teflon is heated to high temperatures, the substance can release a harmful vapor that is said to cause “Teflon-Flu,” which can result in influenza-like symptoms in those who have been exposed to it.

4. Teflon Contains Dangerous Chemicals

Teflon contains Perfluorinated Compounds, which are more commonly known as (PFCs). Long-term exposure to these substances is said to have the potential to result in such health maladies as low birth weight in infants, elevated cholesterol levels, thyroid hormone imbalances, inflammation of the liver and immune system deficiencies. PFCs are also found in a number of common household items. Therefore, cooking with Teflon could increase the chance of suffering the consequences of long-term exposure.

Now, we aren’t scientists or doctors, but when it comes to stainless steel vs ANY non-stick coated cookware, we feel it’s safer to use stainless steel. Why take chances, right?

The other big objection we find from those thinking about getting stainless steel cookware is – the price.

While stainless used to be an expensive cookware option, there are many inexpensive and GREAT stainless steel cookware sets that are worth the money these days.

3 Best Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

Below are our personal picks for the absolute BEST stainless steel cookware sets on the market.

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